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SAP and Excel

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On the one hand, MS Excel is a comfortable spreadsheet program with extensive graphical presentation options; at the same time, MS Excel offers a complete programming environment that allows comprehensive automation of a variety of processes.

The task of this example is to process an unformatted SAP output into presentable price lists. The raw data is rearranged and formatted according to a marketing-friendly logic that goes far beyond the implemented SAP model.

The Excel application is bilingual and generates both German and French documents. In the final step, various PDF files are generated that are used in communication with the customer.

The process was programmed using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and runs fully automatically. The data consistency is checked at various points in the process. If necessary, problems are pointed out so that it can be ensured that the process has run correctly and completely.

Contact me if you have a similar task.

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