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Integrating Access and Word

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MOIRA stands for “Media Observation Instrument for Reputation Analyses” and is an evaluation system of the “Group Media Image Analysis” unit at UBS. MOIRA is a combined system integrating MS Access and MS Word. Programming is done in Visual Basic (VBA).

MOIRA serves to systematically record the content of the media perception of UBS, the relevant competitors and important financial center topics. The basis for this is the reporting done in the leading national and international media relevant to UBS. Due to its flexibility, the database is of central importance when creating reputation analyses.

Importing Word documents

In addition to the concrete, MS Access-based input, MOIRA includes a flexible import function that is adapted to existing Word documents. This enables the customized inclusion of existing media analysis in the database.

Automatic processes

In addition to managing the data, MOIRA guarantees a wide range of automated evaluations by bank, subject area, medium and period. Results are presented in tables, optionally with titles, summaries, media and publication dates or consolidations in the form of frequency counts.

MS Word is used as evaluation medium . This means that the customer is free to adapt and design the result according to his or her own existing templates.

Integrating MS Excel

Extensions such as automatically generating progress plots are possible by including MS Excel.


A really unique tool that you won't find anywhere else in this form.

D. Künstle, manager of Group Media Image Analyses, UBS Basel.

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